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April 15 – 19, 2024

AHIMA® is proud to unite and celebrate health information (HI) professionals during Health Information Professionals Week (HIP WEEK®)

Join us in raising awareness about the HI profession and recognizing HI professionals’ valuable contributions to healthcare.

A Message from AHIMA Board President/Chair Mona Calhoun

A Message from AHIMA CEO Kevin Klauer 

Your HIP WEEK 2024 Celebration Toolkit

Ready to kick-start your HIP WEEK activities? Check out these free resources to help make your HIP WEEK an event to remember. Whether virtual or in person, let’s get ready to celebrate!

Tips for Hosting HIP WEEK Celebrations

Whether you’re planning to go all out or are keeping it simple this year, this tip sheet is packed with ideas to make your HIP WEEK celebrations special. We love celebrating health information professionals. Let’s take a moment to shine an extra light on your incredible work!

HI Professionals: Your FAQ Guide 

Want to be a champion in helping others see the positive impact of HI? AHIMA has compiled a helpful reference document with answers to frequently asked questions about the profession. You can share digitally, print it out for your office, or bookmark it as a handy reference to use during HIP WEEK and throughout the year. View the FAQ guide.

Celebrate #HIPWEEK24 with AHIMA

Join us in recognizing and celebrating HI professionals all week long. During HIP WEEK, we will be sharing stories from HI professionals and spotlighting the great work being done across the HI community to make an impact in healthcare. 

We encourage you to share a photo of yourself or your team holding a sign sharing why you're dedicated to health information. Use #HIPWEEK24 and don't forget to share the post on your social channels!

AHIMA24 Conference

Connect with Your HI Community at AHIMA24

Join us at the AHIMA24 Conference to connect with your HI community, share knowledge, and discuss the latest trends and advancements in HI.

Learn More About AHIMA24

Connect with your HI community.

HI professionals are vital to the future of healthcare and AHIMA is proud to unite and support individuals across the country and around the globe working in the HI field. Join AHIMA to connect with our community of HI professionals, stay up to date on the latest in HI, expand your knowledge, and get access to valuable resources and insights that support you as an HI professional.